Steve Gilmore

A call to the community

For over 75 years our historic sports tradition has played out on this hallowed field.

Fierce competition, splendid athleticism and outstanding sportsmanship have all been a hallmark of the storied facility.

It has been the venue for great teams, great players and great fans — and a great community.

It is Putnam Stadium! The home of the Ashland Tomcats! …

Great schools, in terms of the instruction and facilities they provide, are the hallmark of a solid community. With that, communities that exhibit strong support for their school systems, including their athletic venues, are progressive communities that realize the importance of providing the very best facilities possible for current and future student populations.

As a community, we are embarking on an ambitious journey to restore, rebuild and preserve a sports jewel of Ashland and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Putnam Stadium Restoration Committee continues to be at the forefront of these efforts, developing plans to raise needed funds to ensure that Putnam Stadium remains the elite standard of high school football stadiums.

We, in Ashland, persevere to exemplify the public trust while being temporary trustees of their sacred investments in both classrooms and athletic facilities. Our board will do everything possible to assist in achieving the current plans to provide for Putnam Stadium, however, every Tomcat, everyone who proudly claims this stadium as part of their own history in Ashland, is being asked to do some part — large or small — to make our efforts a reality.

Continue to be a part of our rebuilding. Be a part of the success of this commitment for a new Putnam Stadium. It will be a true testimony from all of us that the “Tradition lives on!

Steve Gilmore,

Ashland Independent Schools superintendent