John A. Koskinen

A home for so many of us

Putnam Stadium has been a major part of life in Ashland since its construction in 1937. Over the years, thousands of players have competed on Friday nights as the stadium lights have served as a beacon for those looking to join family and friends in what has been a compelling tradition.

Players have been joined by more than 70 years of students supporting their teams as band members, majorettes, cheerleaders and fans. For all of them, Putnam has been a vital part of their memories of growing up in Ashland.

Through the years, Putnam — and the field it houses — has been nourished and supported by community volunteers who have recognized the importance of maintaining the legend that has become Putnam Stadium.

After all these years, with the indelible memories of victories and defeats, and wonderful evenings of good fellowship, the time has come to rebuild Putnam Stadium. This is necessary so that future generations of players, students and fans will have access to the same thrills and evenings of camaraderie that many of us have already experienced and treasure.

I feel honored to have been a small part of Putnam’s past and am delighted to be able to help insure its future. I hope you will join me and those who have already signed up for this campaign. Your financial support is critical for the rebuilding of an Ashland landmark that continues to be an integral part of the community.

Thank you for your help!

John A. Koskinen,

former Tomcat football player who graduated from Ashland in 1957; graduate of Duke University and Yale Law School; nonexecutive chairman of Freddie Mac from 2008 to 2011, retired from board in 2012.